The working day has not quite finished in India

Shivali Arora runs a medical writing company, Knowledge Isotopes Pvt. Ltd based in India.

It is hot and humid in North India these days. I got up at 6:00 am and walked for about half an hour with my mind wandering with thoughts about how to attract new clients. While on my way to my office at 8:00 am, I planned a list of people I would reach out to.  As soon as I reached the office, I got  to work with a slide deck that a client needed urgently for a conference. The day was as busy till lunch but soon after I had to lead some training for our newly joined medical writers on “Basic statistics in medical writing”. It was an interactive session and a newly joined girl asked me a lot of questions about the enigmatic p-value. In the evening, one of our team members celebrated her birthday and we all decided to have some Indian snacks with a hot cup of tea. The day ended with discussion on the approval process of new drugs by FDA and the number of drugs that have been recalled so far.  I just took this time out to jot down a summary of my day and am again going back on my system as one of the clients has sent back the abstract after review.