A Fairly Typical Day down on the Farm

David Williams of PraeMedica Digital has sent this note from his home office.

Making a contribution to this page was close to the top of my priority list for today but, as is often the case, my priorities have been derailed by unforeseen meetings, unexpected phone calls and unanticipated emails. Sounds familiar? I’m sure it is the same for many who thought this is a great initiative (well done Peter!) but who haven’t quite found the time to take part.

Besides dealing with these sometimes important but mostly annoying distractions, my main activity today has been to draft a discussion document for a prospective client in New York. It has involved a good deal of research on the internet and some interrogation of my professional connections via LinkedIn which has resulted in a plethora of scrawled post-it notes dotted about my desk.

It’s now nearly 5 o’clock and it’s time for a large dose of caffeine before I compile these random notes into something more meaningful.

But before that, I will fit in a quick dose of fresh Devon air during a run (stroll) around the field accompanied by Roxie, our border collie and possibly Lily, our tabby cat if she can muster enough energy to drag herself off the couch. Collect some eggs from our chickens on the way back, a quick check on the other animals and that completes my 15 minute sanity break.

B*gg*r! – the rain’s just arrived. Yet another plan disrupted by an unexpected turn of events. Never mind … on with the document.

Have a good day everybody.