A freelancer’s perspective

Jane Tricker, a freelancer medical writer in the UK writes…

I was going to start this with ‘So the family are off to school/work, I’ve been out for a run, the animals are fed, the dishwasher is loaded and now [at 8.30 – 8.45] it’s time to start into a day’s work.’ As quite often happens, though, that’s all been a bit derailed. I took my first phone call as I came out of the shower, so I have done all those things, but it’s 9.45 not 8.45.

For the main item on the agenda today I’m going to be going back to my roots and writing a business to business article for the biotech sector. I was initially briefed on this about a month ago. I drafted an outline with input from a company representative, the magazine liked it and I started work on a first draft yesterday. In addition to that, I have a three-way TC with a medcomms client and their pharma client booked in later today. This is to brief me on a series of slide decks on new uses for an existing product designed for the sales force to use with doctors. I’m also going to be interviewed by Peter later this morning as well.