Again distance is no problem, though time differences can be challenging

Alison McIntosh, a freelance medical writer based in in the UK is busy working for a US client this afternoon.

Today, as most days, I’m working from home. I have reviewed my emails to see what has come in overnight. I am currently working mainly on tasks for a client based in the US so our working hours overlap in the afternoon. In recent weeks this particular project has required late nights to keep communication channels open. Today should be a writing day, and that will be until about 7pm tonight. Alongside the US project, I will also spend a couple of hours reviewing and editing patient medical guides that will end up being published online.  I have already checked my twitter account for any useful/interesting info from the people I follow and will check a further 3-4 times today when I need a break from writing. Soon, I will have my tea break while sitting in the garden….as long as it stays dry and sunny.