Dreaming of skydiving whilst juggling clients

Julie Saunders is an independent consultant and says..

My contribution to ‘A day in the Life’ is the photo below.  Needless to say, I am not sky-diving unfortunately, but at my desk in rainy Cheshire which is a less exciting alternative.  I’m pleased to say that your initiative has forced me to try out one of the needless gizmos on my Macbook that I’ve been meaning to use since I got it six months ago.

I must reassure you that I have done some work today too, however.  After getting my three young children out the door almost on time, I drove cross-country to a client’s office, where I had to do a teleconference with another client while parked up outside.  It’s always tricky juggling different clients, but it worked out ok today.  My meeting went well – reviewing a marketing plan that I had developed, with a particular focus on social media for business to business communication.  One of my actions from both meetings is to research key pharma industry news platforms and organisations to audit which provide the most up-to-date news on industry developments, trends and insights.  Now I am back at my home desk, I am catching up with emails and actions which are needed for TCs tomorrow.  I’d better stop playing with my photo booth now then hadn’t I.