Greetings from a very rainy New York

Kate Carpenter from Choice Health Solutions in Hitchin, UK reports in from a business development trip to the USA…

As you slumber in the UK (unless you are drinking G&T and earning client kudos), the rain drips from skyscrapers onto  darkening streets in New York. In  Peter’s “a day in the life” initiative I have found a happy distraction from the slide deck I am finishing up. Unusually, this is a business development trip rather than a meeting so the pace is more leisurely than usual (with less daunting deadlines and hopefully no all-nighters). But as always, keeping on top of the day job while travelling is challenging. Like the others who have posted so far  I can usually find a way to make the time difference work in my favour. But I can definitely say that one US client – who is up before 5 and working by 6 and a joy to work with from the UK –  is definitely the kind of person I prefer when I am 5 hours ahead of him!

Like most, I am a happy traveller when flying West. But the pain will come on the return journey, when I stumble off the red-eye not to spend a day in the office (eating the Oreo cookies I will bring back), or for a cosy lieu day, but for my Friday job: looking after the kids.

I predict there will be some Peppa Pig in my future…And perhaps some sneaky football to catch up on the 8 games I have missed!