My perspective… and other animals

From Vicky Hinstridge, freelance medical writer works while the dogs are sleeping.

My day as a freelance medical writer started at 07:00 hours when I switched on my Mac to check if there were any urgent emails. Then it out with the dogs for a walk, check on a neighbour’s cat and feed the birds. Kate Humble once said that “half-an-hour of animal husbandry is a good way to start the day”, and I quite agree. We certainly wouldn’t be able to have any pets if I wasn’t home based, and the dogs make great office companions. Dog walking is also good thinking time, and helps put things into perspective.

Following a few more domestic chores I finally sat down to work at 09:30 feeling like I had already done a day’s work.

On my “To do” list for today:

Accounts – not my favourite task
Scheduling a teleconference with investigators in Europe and the US – this is challenging given their hectic schedules and time differences. Thanks goodness their helpful assistants who have a lot of patience.
Updating a database for a client

Of course this could all change with one email or a phone call; it’s the unpredictable nature of Med Comms that I enjoy. No two days are the same and you are always learning new things.

Meanwhile my office companions are… asleep.


One thought on “My perspective… and other animals

  1. I’m sure plenty of people would appreciate office companions like yours Vicky! I’d be tempted to join them in a little post-lunch nap right now…

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