My perspective… and other animals

From Vicky Hinstridge, freelance medical writer works while the dogs are sleeping.

My day as a freelance medical writer started at 07:00 hours when I switched on my Mac to check if there were any urgent emails. Then it out with the dogs for a walk, check on a neighbour’s cat and feed the birds. Kate Humble once said that “half-an-hour of animal husbandry is a good way to start the day”, and I quite agree. We certainly wouldn’t be able to have any pets if I wasn’t home based, and the dogs make great office companions. Dog walking is also good thinking time, and helps put things into perspective.

Following a few more domestic chores I finally sat down to work at 09:30 feeling like I had already done a day’s work.

On my “To do” list for today:

Accounts – not my favourite task
Scheduling a teleconference with investigators in Europe and the US – this is challenging given their hectic schedules and time differences. Thanks goodness their helpful assistants who have a lot of patience.
Updating a database for a client

Of course this could all change with one email or a phone call; it’s the unpredictable nature of Med Comms that I enjoy. No two days are the same and you are always learning new things.

Meanwhile my office companions are… asleep.


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  1. I’m sure plenty of people would appreciate office companions like yours Vicky! I’d be tempted to join them in a little post-lunch nap right now…

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