No time to look at the view from my desk!

Julie Van Onselen is a specialist in education in dermatology, and has a great view from the office window!

Self-employed, in a niche area, my business is called ‘Education in dermatology’ and working from home in Oxford, people think that I must gaze out of my window all day…..we have lots of new families on the lake, baby coots, ducks and grebe, ….oh the heron has just flown in too!

My clients are the pharma industry, charities and universities, so here is a flavour of my day so far.

Up at 6.15hrs (due to the bird noise outside), behind with a couple of invoices, now in the post. Working for The National Eczema Society (NES) on two projects; older skin care – five phone calls to residential homes to ask for their opinions on a skin care wall chart, next turn attention to the NES ethnicity project, turning written information book into film with multi-language translation, confirm call sheet with film director and talk to Donna, the wonderful dermatologist who will be filmed with her patients. Email arrives with link to the clinical challenge for a medical education website for pharma company on skin lesions, very satisfying to see copy and creation of ideas in a digital format – needs few more tweaks though. My attention now is turning to feet, have a presentation to give on Friday at Cardiff University to podiatrists on ‘Eczema,dry skin and the feet-managing a compromised skin barrier’.