So, you want to be a medical writer working in MedComms?

I hope you enjoy this collection of stories from around the MedComms world today.  It’s certainly been an experience managing and curating the content. And the day is not over yet!

I admit to posting my own entry here with some trepidation! As well as curating the content of this web site, I’ve been messing around today with a presentation I have to give later in June to a room full of post-docs in London. About careers in MedComms and specifically about working as a medical writer in MedComms. When I do these talks I tend to think about them at the last minute but today I thought I’d record a relatively quick overview of what I am thinking of saying and invite comment from you all. Am I talking rubbish? Please let me know. It’s also been an excuse to play with a platform from Kulu Valley that provides the opportunity to easily post user-generated video and synchronised slides etc. I admit I’m a fan though still a relatively inexperienced user as you will see if you watch this.


2 thoughts on “So, you want to be a medical writer working in MedComms?

  1. Hi,
    I have been trying several times to book place and attend the Medcom event on 13th of July in London, but it didnt worked fromt he site as well as I didnt here from you Mr Llewellyn,
    I have been working as a medical doctor and 4 years in Pharma business,but I am in a career break and would like to know more about medical writing and hopefully to make it my new career.
    Would you be so kind to give me some more information or links how to get more information.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Kindest regards
    Dr Vanya Marinova

  2. Hi and sorry if you have had difficulty contacting me, Vanya. I have sent an email separately to you. If anyone else is interested in joining us on 13 July 2012 in London all I need is an email from you to sign up and, assuming I get it, I will confirm straight back. If you don’t hear from me do feel free to chase me and indeed call me on 01865 784390 if needed. Full details for 13 July event are at



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