Some of us are working in the UK too!

This contribution is just in, shortly after midnight from Dave Andrews of Meridian HealthComms based in the North West of the UK.

I would like to submit a high (or low depending on your view of the work-life balance). But I can honestly say that a highlight of working in MedComms is being able to take a laptop home, work from your kitchen table all night, whilst having a sneaky G&T and getting kudos from your client by getting a bespoke presentation to them on a subject neither of you really understand, before the deadline (barely). Knowing that they appreciate your efforts, even though the slides will probably change 5 times and 90% of your effort discarded or put in backups – doesn’t matter – we care, that’s why we are here!

One thought on “Some of us are working in the UK too!

  1. Mmm… Nice handbag Dave. Love it. Amazed to see you still have the Medcomms durability of a Duracell Bunny. Good work my friend.


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