The benefits of being part of a team

Ryan Woodrow of Aspire Scientific is enjoying his new business arrangements.

After 3 years of being a solo freelance medical writer, I teamed up with Rick Flemming at the start of the year to form a small writing agency. Today is another one of those days when it proves really handy to have someone else to provide support. So far, I have reviewed a slide deck and notes for Rick and will be reviewing another set of slides later. This is a real benefit as it helps to ensure that our clients (we work for med comms companies only) get a quality piece of work each time, which obviously takes the pressure off them. Rick will be reviewing something for me tomorrow morning.

All of this is in between doing work that is assigned to me. I am currently working on a couple of different writing projects for one med comms client, which are due in the next week. I am also reviewing the course notes for undergraduates and postgraduates who will be attending the Biological Sciences Department of the University of Leeds next year. I am lucky enough to be on an ad board for the University. If that wasn’t enough, I will be looking at the application of a post-doc who is looking to get some writing experience with us. We feel privileged to be able to provide paid writing experience to some extremely talented post-docs and PhD students from some of the top UK Universities, who are ultimately looking for a career in med comms.

Anyway all of this just goes to show – it is never dull in our jobs; and that is why I have stayed in med comms for so long.