The timelines can sometimes get confused!

Aiden McManus of Edge Medical Communications has sent this from 35,000 feet.

I am sitting on a plane on my way from Philadelphia to LA, to catch a flight onto Sydney tonight, after attending the American Diabetes Association meeting. There is (fast) internet on the plane, which is excellent for me and will help me get through my list of tasks post-meeting. I am managing a publications plan around a new diabetes drug in late stage clinical development. I have just updated a slide kit about the drug, reflecting some of the new content from the meeting, and emailed that to the client in England. I am currently working on an advisory board report, documenting to the client the important insights given about the data presented at their closed advisory meeting on Saturday night. We (Edge Medical Communications) have just opened a new office north of Sydney, expanding our services into clinical database support services and offering packaged databases with secretariat and med comms. Exciting times….

This entry is actually from your yesterday, as it is still the 12th in the US and I am flying West across the united states and going further back into yesterday. Then later this evening I will cross the international dateline and end up in tomorrow…..