Those pesky speakers!

Frances O’Connor from Darwin Healthcare Communications writes in to say…

My morning has consisted of preparation for EHA (industry day tomorrow). Although I’m not actually attending this year, I have been working on slides up until the last moment as tends to happen with these things. Minor amends come in that need to be dealt with straight away, unfortunately in this instance, my busy speaker has put them into a deck two versions earlier, so the morning has been spent doing a side-by-side check all in the name of client trust, consistency and version control. They’ve been sent back to him, just in case he decides to make any more changes on the plane (and were received with thanks!) and sent to the client for team approval of the minor amends. Not too much brain power, but for the greater good!…just as an aside, given the fact that my house is in the middle of renovations, but that I wanted some p&q to finish everything I have got to do today, I am currently typing from my bedroom…this is what we like to call ‘bed comms’, adding to the idea that med comms is a truly flexible career 😉

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