The morning after the day before

On 13 June 2012 we celebrated A Day in the Life of MedComms. Contributions came in from around the world and were published here as they arrived throughout the day. Browse through the 50 or so posts and see what you think. Overall, the variety was quite impressive, though I admit I didn’t post all the pictures of computers on desktops that I received. Some of the entries are particularly insightful into daily working life in MedComms.

It was all somewhat experimental, quite informal, and far more labour intensive behind the scenes than I had anticipated. In hindsight, though, that could have been mostly mitigated by more pre-planning. Or an assistant! It certainly could have been slicker, I accept. But I quite like the slightly unpolished results. It makes it all that much more personal I think. And the objective was to try to encourage personal stories. Inevitably in a business like MedComms, commercial realities, confidentiality issues and the sometimes odd demands of “the management” will have influenced what, if anything, was contributed by individual agencies.

I am already getting messages about doing the same again next year. For now, I’ll reserve judgement on that one!

I’d really appreciate hearing your comments and feedback either posted here or sent direct to me at

Many thanks to the many who participated and supported us, one way or another.

I hope you enjoy the stories. Scroll down, use the search box or use the menu to the right hand side to read more about a day in the life of MedComms.


Peter Llewellyn, NetworkPharma Ltd, founder of the UK-based MedComms Networking Community and Curator of the 2012 Day in the Life of MedComms.

7 thoughts on “The morning after the day before

  1. I agree, and thanks for your hard work on this Peter. Perhaps next year do it on a day other than your birthday though, huh?

  2. It was a really interesting idea and provides great insight into the business. As someone looking to get into the industry it provides a more personal account of the day to day life and challenges and has further cemented my choice to work within the field. Thank you for all who participated for providing a sneak peek into your professional lives and to Peter for the amount of effort that went into producing it. Much appreciated

  3. The most difficult thing about deciding whether you want to embark on a new career is actually working out what it entails doing day to day, particularly if it’s such a varied job. I thought “Day in the life of Medcomms” showed this really well, and I hope it becomes an annual event. It definitely compliments the other excellent content on the “Starting Out” section of your medcommsnetworking site.

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