Anticipating the Day

The MedComms day is well and truly underway now across New Zealand. Mark English of Biowrite Solutions is at his desk as well now and sent the following message:

Greetings from New Zealand! While in the UK and elsewhere you sit down with your mug of hot chocolate or glass of wine, recuperating from another hectic day in medcomms, medical writers across New Zealand are clocking on for work. It was particularly great to see Blair Hesp of Kainic Medical already working for several hours up there in Wellington in the North Island and flying the flag for New Zealand medical writers.

Down here in Wanaka in the South Island, sunlight is starting to peer over the mountains, and I’m ready to crack on with my day. The coffee machine is on, my client’s VPN network is firing up, and I’m oozing with anticipation.

I’m expecting to continue working on some review articles, but that could change in an instant. I will report back to you later and fill you in on what the day had in store for me.