What’s happening here, today?

On 12 June 2013 we are aiming to celebrate the global business that is MedComms. Please do join in and help spread the word.

This is the second year we are running what I hope will become an annual event.

Led by members of the UK-based MedComms Networking Community, but open to anyone and everyone involved in and around MedComms, anywhere in the world, we hope to be able to capture a representative snapshot of working life in our specialist business. All feedback is welcomed. Find us on Twitter using hashtag #medcomms and join us at the MedComms Networking Facebook page and the MedComms Forum LinkedIn Group as well.

How it will work:

Anyone can submit an entry, ideally a photo or photos plus some succinct explanatory text, by emailing a message to Peter Llewellyn of NetworkPharma Ltd, email peter@networkpharma.com who will be responsible for posting and curating the content throughout the day. We can also post Youtube videos (either upload it yourself and send us a link or send the video direct to Peter Llewellyn who can upload it for you to the NetworkPharma Youtube channel) and we’ll also aim to record a number of audio interviews during the day and publish those via AudioBoo. Clearly we need to adhere to professional standards of good taste and decency and avoid any risk of compromising client confidentiality, but beyond that we simply hope to demonstrate the wide variety of activities that are being undertaken on any day, reflect the highs and lows of working life, and maybe show us having a little fun along the way!

So what might be posted here on 12 June?

It’s up to you. Perhaps pictures of individuals or teams hard at work at their computers. Perhaps we’ll see attendees at briefing meetings, status meetings, post-mortem meetings, company meetings, staff meetings, client meetings… all sort of meetings. Maybe celebrations of pitch wins or company anniversaries or new awards. Maybe we’ll see news from the many scientific and medical events that will be occurring around the world on the day with people preparing for the events, building exhibition stands, preparing presentations and maybe pictures of speakers at the podiums. Since many in the community will be traveling either to or from meetings of one sort or another, we might see lots of pictures of the insides of airports, taxis, hotels and conference centres. Will anyone have time to show us the local sights and landmarks?

And it doesn’t have to all be strictly about work. Will anyone be out on their company’s summer day out? Or on a team building exercise? Or a training course? Will we hear of any birthdays, births or marriages? Will there be any breakfasts in interesting places, or lunch meetings or after-work drinks to toast a successful day’s work?

We’re looking forward to seeing what is happening in the world of  MedComms on 12 June 2013. Prizes will, of course, be on offer to anyone who sends in particularly noteworthy contributions.

If you have any questions during or after the day, please contact Peter Llewellyn, email peter@networkpharma.com to whom you should also send all contributions for postings.

Note: Peter Llewellyn runs the MedComms Networking Community and also other related  initiatives for the global medical communications, medical education and medical publishing communities, such as European CME Forum, Good CME Practice Group (gCMEp), KeywordPharma, MedComms Forum, MedComms WorkBook, NetWorkPharma.tv, NextMedCommsJob.com, and ThePublicationPlan.com