A big wave from GCC!

Anne-Clare Wadsworth has sent in this cheery hello from the team at Gardiner-Caldwell Communications (GCC) in Macclesfield.

Having been watching the updates from the Southern Hemisphere jealously and wondering if a picture of White Nancy which is the closest thing we have to a mountain in Macclesfield would suffice… assuming not, I’m attaching something equally visually attractive – some of the GCC team!

We have just finished another great sharing session where people from across GCC get together every month to discuss recent projects, new initiatives and the social calendar. Anyone can present their project and today was special as we discussed a massive standalone event that was a huge success (although very intense in the run-up!) and then introduced Nigel Campbell, our new Multichannel Director to the team. He’s been on board 5 weeks and is already making a difference to the ideas we’re generating!

We’re have fewer than normal at the meeting today because many are on recovery days after the congress silly season or we have plenty of colleagues still out and about delivering Advisory Boards, symposia, training workshops, strategy meetings and various client and HCP projects. We’re telling ourselves July and August will be quieter…

I’m looking forward to a day of planning for the opening of our Glasgow office as well as holding more 1:1s with various colleagues. I recently took on the role of overseeing GCC and this has been the single most enjoyable aspect so far – talking to the people who make the difference and it’s why I love working in MedComms and at GCC – truly lovely people doing really interesting projects that matter.

Off to find some biscuits as that is also a big feature of working here… the seemingly unending stream of treats.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!