A damp, murky morning here in the Garden of England

Freelancer, Jane Tricker (like the rest of us I suspect) is looking longingly at working life today in New Zealand!

I was very envious of Blair and Mark as I sat down to work – it’s a damp, murky morning here in the Garden of England; at the moment I can’t even see the North Downs through the cloud. On the plus side though, I didn’t have a crack of dawn start. I worked until gone midnight last night, so I had a more relaxed start to my working day today.

This morning I’ve got my editor’s hat on. I’m going to start with a case study for an academic group based in Prague. This is the second editing job that I’ve done for this group, who are quite charming to work with.

Once I’ve completed that edit, I will be going back to a project that is taking up the bulk of my time at the moment, and will continue to do so until the end of July. This is a multi-module, elearning course for a new client. During the early stages of editing, I’ve been developing a style guide to help ensure that there is consistency between the finished modules, which are being written by different writers. Today, though, is going to be about referencing – specifically, preparing a module for review in Zinc.  It may be a day for a lot of chocolate.