A Day in the Life of… A Director of Scientific Services at Caudex Medical

Gary Burd at Caudex Medical reflects on his day so far…

Not to be outdone by my esteemed colleague Jackie Marchington!

I am working from home today, so I’ve been to the dry cleaners. But also…

I reviewed a strategic deep dive into the RA literature prepared by one of our medical writers – key questions to help inform the communications strategy for a product still in development, plus answers that can be derived from the literature (or gaps) and then our recommendations on what that means for the pharma company’s plans for the next 3 years. A really meaty project!

I have also worked on preparing for a call this afternoon to discuss the communications strategy with the commercial lead for the product to get their feedback on the current plan so we can update for the next cycle.

More strategic work – reviewing client comments on a communications platform and challenging some of them that we don’t feel need to be done.

We also have a fast turnaround needed for an abstract submission so I’ve been working with the Caudex scientific lead on that to make sure that gets done today.

This afternoon the US wakes up and I seem to be on the telephone all afternoon. A one-to-one with one of my line reports, discussing the team make up for a new business opportunity, there’s a phasing call (don’t even ask – something to do with finance!), and a prep call for a face-to-face meeting with clients happening next Monday to discuss tactical planning for the rest of the year.

By then the dog should be ready for a walk…