Aspiring photographers?

Rick Flemming of Aspire Scientific, a freelance medical writing agency, has just sent in this contribution:

Members of the Aspire writing team are hard at work across the UK (well, England!) today but have taken some time out to take some snaps…

Hopefully you can just make out the Folly Tower in Faringdon (Oxfordshire) in this picture, taken by Rick during a quick lunchtime walk. Rick’s now back at his desk working on some slides for a forthcoming epilepsy advisory board.














No time to stop for Ryan in the Macclesfield office! Ryan is working on a pitch presentation that he’ll be giving in Germany next week.














Some recognisable London landmarks in this picture taken by our writer Louise Weston. Louise is a post-doctoral cancer researcher who is working with Aspire on various oncology-based publications.
















Another member of our academic writing team, Louisa Lyon, has taken this great picture of King’s College, Cambridge. Louisa is a neuroscientist who is currently helping us write the bulleted outlines of two epilepsy clinical study manuscripts.















A snap of probably the most famous ex-resident of Nottingham from our writer Lindsay Armstrong. Lindsay is working on an “online listening” project, aimed at deciphering what people are saying about various oncology drugs on social media and other online channels.