Biscuits needed!

Stephanie Gibson is an Associate Medical Writer at Gardiner-Caldwell Communications and has sent us this review of her day.

I shall begin at the beginning, with breakfast and clearing out my inbox. The best way to start the day! Once that mammoth task (the emails, not my breakfast) was complete, I could settle into the day’s projects.

My time is currently being split between two very different accounts. While a little daunting at first (as I’m a newly minted Associate Medical Writer), I’m finding that I’m getting a really good grounding in two therapy areas.

Today’s ‘To Do’ list was looking pretty manageable which is a pleasant change of pace after a manic couple of months preparing for congresses. A newsletter draft, some presentation outlines, our team meeting, and some manuscript amends. A nice variety!

I tackled the manuscript amends first, this is the last round of approvals and so the comments are pretty minor. The presentation outlines are proving to be slightly more of a headache, so I put those to one side for an hour and began adding to my newsletter draft. This issue is an overview of some of the recent medical education activities our client has been involved in, so there’s plenty to include!

Team meeting time, so I grabbed a drink from kitchen and tried to ignore the birthday treats that someone has brought in.

Before embarking on a career in medical communications I was unaware of the vital importance of one thing: biscuits. I firmly believe the office would cease to function if the kitchen ran out of sugary goodies. Indeed, our unit here at GCC has instigated an official ‘Biscuit Wednesday’ to ensure a steady supply of bourbons, hobnobs and the like.

After lunch, I was determined to make some headway with the outlines for a satellite symposium later in the year. Progress was made but I still think it needs work. I made a note of a couple of things I want to discuss with my manager during one of our regular catch-up phone calls. As a new AMW, I try to ensure that I’m asking plenty of questions!

By the end of the day I’d completed my newsletter draft, and already new projects were popping into my inbox. My next ‘To Do’ list is filling up nicely with some slide deck amends but now it is time to log off for the evening and head on home.