Day in the life of… a Director of Scientific Operations at Caudex Medical (part 1)

Jackie Marchington of Caudex Medical has taken a moment to review her morning’s work. All being well, we’ll be getting Part 2 later.

What do I do all day? I sometimes wonder myself. So, this morning up until 12.00:

It’s quiet in the office today as we have teams out at ENS and EULAR (those who aren’t stuck at Heathrow because of the French air traffic control strike, anyway).

I’m starting out by incorporating some client comments on meeting minutes from a workshop we attended last week – funnily enough, the equivalent meeting to the one we were returning from on last year’s MedComms day! Sent on to our collaborating agency for their input.

Ah, just being chased for some outstanding timesheets (the bane of all our lives, I suspect) so I really must do those today. Alongside reviewing applicant CVs (did I mention we’re recruiting at the moment…?) and sending out writing tests.

A bit of social media monitoring to see what’s going on in the blogosphere and to see whether PharmedOut is spreading yet more outdated stories about ghostwriting and bad pharma, anything new on #alltrials (being alternately amused and irritated by the resident #alltrials troll showing a total lack of comprehension of anything to do with publications and peer review!).

A team meeting, feeding back to the in-house team about last week’s workshops and going over status for projects. Abstract submission deadlines seem to be a relentless tide this time of year, alongside those posters being developed for the current crop of meetings. Still, keeps us all out of mischief.

My next job is some literature landscape analysis which is much more fun than filling out the SOP and quality management sections of our latest RFI (which I have been putting off for as long as possible). The fun just keeps on coming!

And for those of you who know me, I have an unusually tidy desk today.


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