Day in the life of… a Director of Scientific Operations at Caudex Medical (part 2)

Jackie Marchington of Caudex Medical has taken a moment to review her afternoon’s work. This follows Part 1 earlier.

When we last met, my intention was to start my literature analysis, but I got gazumped into doing the RFI first. Then despite Word deciding it wanted to crash with unusual persistence, I did manage to complete the literature project as well (on a roll today!)

I had another couple of status update calls this afternoon and the follow-ups from those (mostly emails!) to do and my esteemed (the least I can do is return the compliment) colleague, Gary Burd has sent me some line management assignments to review – thanks Gary! Another esteemed colleague, Paul, has kindly demonstrated his coffee/tea making expertise (photo) – one of the most prized and appreciated skills in medcomms agencies, I think.

It’s been a surprisingly quiet day with an unusually low rate of interruptions, even after the US office woke up! I’ve actually managed to cross off most of the items on today’s to-do list. We’re considering extending our medical writer trainee scheme to the US for the first time, so I have another bunch of CVs to look at (I think I mentioned earlier that we’re recruiting at the moment…).

Last action of the day – I’ve just been invited to speak on copyright again at the Management Forum’s Publication Planning and Strategy seminar in October, so I’d better dust off my slides and start working on those updates.

Oh yes, and those timesheets are still outstanding… here goes.