Freelancers are entitled to holidays, too!

Corinne Swainger, Freelance Medical Writer, Editor and Copywriter has been busy this morning and has a keen eye on the holiday that’s coming up soon!

Stepped out of the house in the West London suburbs today around 8.20am to walk my son to school and pick up some milk. He’s off to high school this September and very independent but I find getting some air and exercise in the morning always makes me more productive working from home.

After checking my emails for any urgent enquiries, I contacted a current client, a medical communications agency in Paris, to see if they’ve got any feedback on an outline I sent them last week regarding a 12-page corporate brochure, due to be presented at an upcoming ophthalmology conference. The timelines for this project are longer than those on the 4-page corporate brochure I outlined and wrote for them a couple of months ago. However, I’ve got 6 weeks before I head off on holiday to Florida so I want to ensure I’ve completed the final draft by then. Freelancers are entitled to deadline-free holidays too, you know.

A medical publishing client has sent me the first draft of a new white paper on current and upcoming drugs in Alzheimer’s Disease. This was written by a specialist in the field but it’s my job to edit the paper and ensure the content is clear, grammatically correct, fully referenced and focused for the UK pharmaceutical marketing industry. Just checking that it includes some UK, European or global data in the content, rather than just statistics from the US. But it seems to be lacking so it’s time to jump onto PubMed to research further statistics. Once the draft is finalised, I’ll be writing up copy for a webpage on the publisher’s website next week to highlight the key points of the paper and promote it to the industry .