Freelancing is brilliant

Maren White, Freelance Editor and Project Manager is clearly very happy with her working life.

Some of us are waiting for pieces of work to come in – they sometimes don’t arrive when they should [contracts still being negotiated; waiting on comments on a draft paper and so on]. A couple of emails to answer from Japan, which is at the end of its working day; then time to get some early reading in for a piece of work happening in early July, to make some notes and get my head round the subject matter; half an hour to start finishing off last year’s accounts [my least favourite bit of freelancing, so starting to finish generally goes on for quite a long time] and also to send off an invoice for a piece of work completed last week.

Working with both the east [Japan] and the west [US], though it makes the online-day a long one, is also a window on MedComms elsewhere, and over the years some great relationships with folks I’ll probably never meet, though I have discovered one who knows my bit of the world here – Cumbria – because they went to Leeds Uni and another who has a friend down the road and has visited. The world is a small place.

Then a buzz into town for a quick bit of shopping. Find a newish friend in, so a quick brew and whilst chatting discover she knows someone in Scotland who works in my area and may well have some work for me, so another Linkedin connection to make when I get home. Great stuff; networking happens everywhere and unexpectedly. I like that.

Meanwhile, even though it’s not sunny, the view from my window over the hay meadows we are making here is glorious. Freelancing is brilliant, challenging and ever-interesting.