The countdown has started for 2014…

Make a diary note – 11 June 2014!

Preparations have started across the global community for this year’s celebration of a Day in the life of MedComms. Please help spread the word and please join in on the day. Wherever you are in the world on 11 June please send us a message, tell us what you are doing, describe your day, send us pictures, text, video whatever.

Once again I will be curating the stories that come in throughout the day and hopefully we’ll also have a steady stream of Twitter activity alongside using hashtag #MedComms.

I’m suggesting we encourage all MedComms Twitter users to take photos of themselves holding up placards saying “Manic #MedComms” and show us where they are on the day. Prizes maybe, for the most frazzled looking MedComms specialist? Or for the ones going that final mile?

All comments, ideas and suggestions are welcomed as we build up to the day. Please help spread the word and please, everyone join in one way or another.

All being well, we’ll start with contributions coming in from New Zealand as usual and work our way around the globe as the day unfolds.

You can browse what happened the past two years below.