#medcomms from New Zealand

And here’s Freelance writer, Lyndal Staples (I think we should have had a photo of the puppy, Lyndal!)

Greetings from Napier, New Zealand! It’s a hideous day here… pouring with rain and gusty easterlies. Oh well, a great day to be indoors working, I suppose!

I’ve been in the MedComms game for over 12 years now, working as an in-house writer in New Zealand and the UK and, most recently, as a freelancer. I’ve posted a shot of my home office (slash laundry slash night-time sleeping quarters for our new puppy while the weather is cold!); unfortunately, the reality of working from home means that there’s no one to take a photo with me in it (sob).

I’ve been freelancing for about a year and a half now. It’s a great fit for me with two young kids. But I do miss being in an office with other people (puppies are terrible conversationalists…). I’m really looking forward to reading the posts to come as the rest of the world wakes up; it’s nice to know that there’s lots of activity in this field, even if my working arrangements (and geographic location!) mean that I don’t always get to experience it first hand.

Well done on a fantastic initiative, and have a great day!