Championing MedComms in the Southern Hemisphere

Blair Hesp of Kainic Medical Communications AKA Kainic Medical on Twitter is heading towards the end of his day in New Zealand

We haven’t got the worst of the weather in Wellington that seems to be drenching the rest of New Zealand at the moment, but I’ve had to stay inside most of the day anyway trying to tweet up a storm in an effort to continue raising the profile of MedComms in New Zealand. All the medical writers in New Zealand seem to be geographically scattered, but it is great to see contributions from everyone to show how the industry is growing here. Being based in the capital, we have been lucky to have access to, and the active support of, a number of industry organisations and government departments who are interested in supporting bioscience companies in New Zealand and developing the MedComms industry, with a number of them re-tweeting some of our tweets today.

On the ‘real’ work front, I’ve been busy working on some e-learning modules for a UK-based agency, with the support of some of the local tuis and fantails (native birds) outside the office providing a soundtrack to my working day, which is a lot nicer than in summer when they are replaced by the noise of New Zealand cicadas, the world’s loudest insects.

However, a highlight of the day is being on the receiving end of some medical communications, including ante-natal classes coming up this evening and the quarterly newsletter from the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand, a charity that Kainic actively supports in an ongoing effort to return the favour to the organisation that supported my PhD research. We’ve also been busy preparing for some more local networking events that are coming up.

I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere has a great day, and hopefully a nicer one than in some parts of New Zealand!