Over at the support desk, help is on hand

Camila Ocampo, Global Customer Support Manager at Zinc Ahead reports a successful afternoon’s work supporting MedComms agencies here in the UK

Linh Nguyen, one of our customer support administrators based in the UK, received a phone call from a Medcomms Agency. The user had been assigned to upload new material for a new review cycle and she felt unsecure about how to proceed. Linh walked her through the process of uploading material and sent it out for review by either click on the ‘Go’ or ‘Open Access’ button. The agency employee was advised that by clicking on ‘Go’ she would send the job bag out in sequential review, which means that the material would be reviewed by a pre-set order of reviewers. With the ‘Open Access’ approach she would make the job bag available to all reviewers, who would review the job on a first-come-first-serve basis.