An (unusual) day in the life of Medcomms 2014

My day started at 6.15 this morning, as I had some catching up to do.

I smiled when I read that Mark English had finished off his oncology e-learning project – I think that we are both contributing to the same project and I sent off my latest module this morning as well. That went at 9.30, and I’m now on to my work for today, which is a white paper on exercise in medicine. I attended a round table with a group of experts from all over the UK at the end of last week, and I’m now using the outputs of that meeting along with the background research and references they’ve given me to draft a white paper. The topic is a little unusual for me – although it touches on therapeutic areas that I’m very familiar with – and I’m finding the whole thing quite fascinating. (Although it’s just a little worrying too – that’s one of the downsides of medical writing, I think, sometimes you find out things that you’d rather not know.)

I’ve also got a couple of newsletters coming back from a designer this afternoon. I’ve been project managing the reworking of some materials that were originally created for the Dutch market – it’s been an interesting job that has given me the opportunity to work directly with a pharma company (not at all usual for me) and with a lovely freelance designer who used to work with me at PJB Publications.

I have my younger daughter at home with me today, she’s in the thick of AS levels and is revising Decision Mathematics today (Gant charts, algorithms – I know the words…). It makes quite a change to have someone around while I’m working.



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