Aspiring photographers (part 2)

Ryan Woodrow of Aspire Scientific, a freelance medical writing agency, has just sent in this contribution:

Members of the Aspire writing team are hard at work across England and Switzerland today. However, we have taken some time out to take some snaps… much the same as we did for “day in the life…” last year (hence part 2). But – in our desire to stay on trend – this time we have included selfies, as well as local landmarks!

The first photo is of Ryan who managed to find a bit of time at lunch to take a quick breath of fresh air outside of Adelphi Mill in Bollington – where our “Northern” office is based. Ryan’s now back at his desk working on some slides for an oncology training deck.




Meanwhile, Rick also managed to find a bit of time at lunch to take his black Labrador for a walk near our “Southern” office in Oxfordshire. See if you can spot his dog in the poppy field! Very topical with the recent D-Day commemorations!




Meanwhile, one of our freelance writers, Jon Askham – who moved to Basel, Switzerland with his family in January 2013 – spent today preparing the outline for a manuscript for a new therapy in ovarian cancer. Prior to moving to Basel, Jon worked at the University of Leeds as a Senior Research Fellow specialising in oncology. Jon’s selfie was taken at midday today. Behind him you can see the Rhine with the old part of Basel and Basel Munster in the distance.





Another of our freelancers, Charlotte Sayers, sent us this selfie from her front door. After doing her undergrad at Cambridge and finishing her PhD in virology, Charlotte worked for a MedComms agency in London, before moving to the sunny Derbyshire Dales. She now works as a freelance writer for Aspire and another company. Charlotte says that this freelancing has “allowed flexibility at a time when life has been a bit hectic!”. Today she has been working on a database project on a drug for multiple sclerosis.





Last, but not least, Lizzy McAdam sent us this selfie from the manor house at Cancer Research UK’s Clare Hall laboratories in Hertfordshire. Lizzy McAdam is a postdoctoral researcher at Cancer Research UK, but also works as a freelance medical writer for Aspire Scientific. Before taking up her postdoctoral post 3 years ago, she was a PhD student at Swansea University, studying the causes of oesophageal cancer. She is now working on skin cancer, but hopes to move into medical writing full-time when her research post finishes. She has worked for Aspire Scientific for about 6 months, mainly working on oncology projects. Lizzy says “It’s been great, as it’s given me an insight into what life as a medical writer is like”. Today she is working on producing a set of powerpoint slides summarising abstracts for an upcoming congress.