It’s been another varied day in MedComms for me

Freelance writer, Sarah Birch, is loving her work..

It’s certainly not been manic, I’m in one of those nice gentle periods that follow the busy ones, but there’s enough going on to keep me occupied. I went freelance about 15 months ago having worked in house for 12 years and so far have loved the flexibility that it’s given me, and the fact that I’ve got to work with a whole host of lovely people on a range of interesting projects and therapy areas. Today was reasonably typical day, I started off with an early email check and then viewed some amends to a case study video so that I could pass it back for upload to Zinc and client review – fingers crossed they’ll like it! After a spell of dog walking and breakfast, I then settled down to pulling together a slide deck to support a forthcoming client call. Several cups of tea later, followed by more dog walking, a bit of chicken watching and a check on the latest #MedComms tweets, I find that the day has whizzed by. I feel so lucky, I do a job I enjoy from a location I love with one of the shortest commutes possible. What’s not to love about a day in MedComms?