New Zealand is a hive of activity today…

Mark English left the UK a while ago and each year on #MedComms Day now provides us with pictures that explain why!

By 7am, my computer is firing up and the coffee machine is on. Having checked my emails earlier on my iPhone, I know that I don’t have anything urgent to reply to, so I am making an immediate start on finishing some questions for an oncology e-learning project. I’ll be back with you again shortly…

It is now 9:30am, and I have finished working on the e-learning project. Even better, the project is complete so I can send off my final invoice! Six months ago I moved into the brave new world of freelancing so my days are a little different to my in-house medical writing days. Today I will be starting work on a slide deck for a leukemia drug (WOO HOO my FAVOURITE therapeutic area), but there will be an invoicing meeting with my wife and business partner Liz (finance – not so woo hoo).

I am also looking forward to chatting to fellow medical writers based in New Zealand, including @CleverWhale, @KainicMedical and Tricia Newell. I will let you know how I get on…

The view from my office window is a treat with a light dusting of snow on Mt. Maude. A permanent reminder of how fortunate I am to be living in Wanaka, Central Otago.




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