Not Manic #MedComms?

Great to see all the tweeting using hashtag #medcomms, even if much of it is light-hearted. I’d like to see some more of you using the ‘Manic “MedComms” idea but hey, so be it.  Just some of the many who are tweeting today include, in no particular order…

@drwjs + @JoMillership  + @smtortell  + @GCCNavigators + @AspireSci + @AnneClare + @TomGr4nt + @DavidSawyer11 + @Andrea_Cole + @shinyjenjen  + @KarenMiddleton1  + @cookejohn + @jytricke + @weenell + @ReadEleanor + @Jen_Lewis + @MarkEnglish + @dianthusmed + @KainicMedical + @cleverwhale

I’m building a list of individual MedComms Tweeters here – if I’ve not yet found you and listed you then let me know.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 13.41.36