Pedalling to work clears the mind for the day ahead

Richard Watt of 7.4 Limited, here in Oxford, prepares for a day’s work

My life in a day of MedComms starts by wending my sleep-weary day through the streets of Oxford on an (admittedly overkill) MTB. Varied things on the infamous mental “To-Do” list while making the all-important first cup of coffee at work and getting changed out of cycling gear (not necessarily simultaneously or in that order).

Having docked and lit up the laptop, there are new emails to check, symposia and workshop arrangements to consider, TCs with clients and thought leaders to schedule, materials to upload to websites (not least the MedComms Day website!), and holding thumbs and crossing fingers that Speakers will have returned slidesets on time. And that’s before the coffee has properly kickstarted the brain – unless of course I’ve had an adrenalin rush on the ride to work….

Deep breath, and away we go on another exciting day amongst the dreaming spires and one of the friendliest teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!


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