Saying hello from Auckland, New Zealand!

The day is now well underway for Freelance Writer, William Chong AKA @cleverwhale on Twitter

My story of going freelance this year stemmed from a desire to make the best use of my time, and to learn and try out other types of communications work – medical writing, business writing, and website development.

So what’s happened so far on International MedComms Day?

First up, I reviewed and accepted some revisions to a CPD module for pharmacists. It’s probably the 20th writing job I’ve completed for this client in the area of acute pain, and I’ve appreciated the opportunity to dig deeper into acute pain research and learn some new insights along the way (helpful the next time I have a headache!)

Next, I reviewed some client revisions to a draft manuscript I had prepared (on hypertension control), where thankfully no major edits were required.

Then I switched hats and set about fixing the backend on some websites (simple server security stuff). There was a bit of a scare last night when one of the servers I had helped to set up got into some spam trouble, so wanted to shore up all our other websites at the same time to make sure. I’ve enjoyed being stretched outside of my comfort zone like this. The “aha” moments when tough concepts click in your head are equally rewarding, whether it’s understanding how a LAMP stack works or whether it’s interpreting the results from a clinical trial.

At a time when we have young children, I want to make the most of these years by having the time and flexibility to have lunch with the family during the day, play with the girls / take them to the park when I need a mental health break, and basically invest in their lives during these formative years.

Other jobs I’m hoping to accomplish today:

– a bunch of banking-related tasks (managing my own tax obligations has been a new and instructive experience)

– meet someone for lunch

– pick up my bike from the bike shop (the wet and wild storm that tore through Auckland has mostly cleared)

– start on an executive summary for a new client (seems like in freelancing every project feels like your first day at work)

– compile a report of a non-medcomms conferences I’ve helped to organise

– Today’s timesheet is a good snapshot of the flexibility that being self-employed offers, and the various ways I get to do what I’m most passionate about – to keep learning, and to keep writing about what I’ve learned.

Happy #MedComms Day everyone!

While I was doing all this, eldest daughter E came alongside and decided to pitch in using her custom-made keyboard…