The Tools of the (recruitment) Trade

Here’s Matthew McGinley of NonStop catching up with work after his holiday (spot the ‘Manic #MedComms”) message…

Here are the tools we use to get in touch with all of our MedComms candidates. People often have mixed viewpoints on what recruiters actually do, but all it comes down to is phoning people up and talking to them.

So here you’ll see my trusty telephone, the pen holder my dad gave me when I first started work and my PC. (As well as my ruler, demonstrating that recruiters can be straight with people!)

I didn’t include a picture of myself – our marketing guru, James Spencer, has been busy photoshopping me in various ways to celebrate MedComms Day so check our Twitter feed to see what he has managed to put together.

As I’ve just got back from some annual leave, today has been spent catching up with various people (mostly freelancers), putting out the occasional fire and trying to get back to the many advert responses that have come in. The word ‘manic’ is a very accurate description of my day thus far! It seems to me that one thing that recruitment has in common with MedComms is that most working days are somewhat manic…