Wrapping up in New Zealand

Mark English adds a final comment on his day from the lakeside.

It is now 6:30 pm and I will be signing off shortly. Today turned out pretty much as expected. I spent most of my day working on the oncology e-learning project I mentioned earlier, digging deep into the science behind the targeted therapy I am working on. I probably spent a little bit too much time creating some illustrations, but they look great (in my opinion…). My working day in New Zealand is a little less manic compared to when I worked as medical writer in the UK. However, in the spirit of #medcomms day, I thought I would do my own ‘placard’ of Manic #MedComms as requested by Peter (see below).

Yes, it actually says, ‘#MAdmedcomms’ (kind of, with a bit of imagination). I had no hope in adding the dot above the ‘i’ in Manic!

Have a great day everyone!



One thought on “Wrapping up in New Zealand

  1. Hi Mark I think you could have skimmed a pebble and then taken the photo at the instant it was over the i. Given the tricky things we get asked to do as medical writers, that would have been relatively easy! Great to hear about your day! Cheers

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