Another morning after the day before

On 11 June 2014 we celebrated A Day in the Life of MedComms. Contributions came in from around the world and were published here as they arrived throughout the day whilst over at Twitter we saw a steady stream of messages using hashtag #MedComms – I’ve captured the Twitter stream as a PDF document:


Browse through the many posts and see what you think. Overall, the variety was quite impressive, and together they provide an insight into daily working life in MedComms. Hopefully everyone had a little fun along the way.

This is the third year we have undertaken this exercise. Please let me know if you think it’s worthwhile.

I’d really appreciate hearing your comments and feedback either posted here or sent direct to me at

Many thanks to the many who participated and supported us, one way or another.

I hope you enjoy the stories. Scroll down, use the search box or use the menu to the right hand side to read more about A Day in the Life of MedComms.


Peter Llewellyn, NetworkPharma Ltd, founder of the UK-based MedComms Networking Community and Curator of the 2014 Day in the Life of MedComms.
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One thought on “Another morning after the day before

  1. I think this year’s Day in the Life of MedComms was a great chance to see the industry from various perspectives from all over the world. It shows just how full and fulfilling this work can be.

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