Another 12-14 hour day

Lisa Sullivan of In Vivo Communications writes in from Sydney, Australia, with a long day still ahead of her.

So to give you all an idea of my day in medcomms. Started with a TC at 6.30am Sydney time today due to my now being President of GAME (the Global Alliance of Medical Education). This was our monthly Board Executive call and is an hour long. Following this I have communicated with several associates in the medcomms space asking for help in forthcoming GAME activities (specifically around the European CME Forum this year).

Now that I am at my desk (after throwing down coffee and a pear for breakfast) I now gear up for development of 2 proposals due by tomorrow, a budget being asked for by my finance controller (our financial year ends June 30th so it is hell at this time of year) and then working on a new credentials presentation for a huge client meeting on Monday 22nd June in Singapore. It will be a 12 to 14 hour day for me today which is rather toooo normal.

After 25 + years in this business I do wonder where it all went…

Lisa photo Aug 2013