It is a Dunner stunner on this winter morning

New Zealand is clearly not a healthy place just now for children and dogs! This just in from another New Zealand-based freelance writer, Tricia Newell.

Like Lyndal, my morning is also off to an unusual start. While my two biped children are off to school on a lovely Dunedin morning (yes, winter in the deep south of New Zealand can be fantastic especially for this displaced Canadian), the smallest fur baby is feeling terribly sorry for himself after his “procedure”.

Interspersed with nursing Doug back to his fun self, is a typically diverse day as per the norm since starting freelance medical writing. Working on projects for clients in the US, Australasia, and Europe across several therapy areas has kept it interesting and I definitely never get bored. The best part of working from home continues to be the flexibility. I can still do all the fantastic mum stuff like cheering at soccer, netball, and hockey games (for any Canadians out there, it sadly isn’t of the ice variety, but I’ll still call myself a hockey mom), while continuing my career. While I’ll always miss the social aspect of working in an office, digital communication has stopped any isolation, and being home-based has allowed me to be more productive in both my personal and professional life.