Vistas, coffee and juggling… at inScience Communications in Auckland

Every year on MedComms Day we get pictures from New Zealand that just make me want to get up and go there! One day I will. This from Matthew Weitz, Senior Medical Writer at inScience Communications in Auckland

A beautiful sunrise heralds the start of the day in Auckland, the golden morning light making for an enjoyable (if uncharacteristic) early-winter bicycle into the office. What wasn’t uncharacteristic was the variety of work that had come in overnight… from manuscripts at every conceivable stage of development (outline, first draft, restyle for resubmission, peer review comments) from our colleagues in Europe, to literature analysis for a GAP analysis for a publication plan, capped off with client comments on the tactical element for a publication plan for our colleagues in the USA. It is dealing with the latter that clearly illustrates one of the USPs of our business – round-the-clock editorial support. While our geographic location in New Zealand makes for great scenery, the time-zone differences mean that we can provide effective overnight support to our colleagues around the globe.

After a quick bit of mental juggling (and a coffee to really get the neurons firing), priorities are identified, deadlines examined and a plan of attack created. A few colleagues are out of the office this week, so now more than ever it is going to be a matter of sticking to the plan, keeping focussed and above all, maintaining the quality. That coffee is really kicking in now so I’m going to crack on with things…

pic for blurb