A Day in the Life of an Associate Medical Writer

John Harper Munro is an Associate Medical Writer at Inspired Science, a medical education company and partner of Ketchum, a global PR company. He has a BSc in Medical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh and joined Inspired Science in February 2015

It’s been a busy day in Inspired Science’s Shoreditch office, as the team heads back into the busy world of medical education. After sinking several coffees and battling through the inevitable email backlog, we gather around for our weekly resource meeting, buoyed by the free fruit (and ample chocolate from the treats table). Associate Director Peter Morrow takes the team through what needs to be done and who gets to do it this week…


This week, my account teams are working on a diverse range of projects including managing the launch of a new auto-injector device for rheumatoid arthritis patients, designing a survey for hepatitis C specialists and planning a masterclass for psychiatrists who work with schizophrenic patients.


After the resource meeting, some of the team zip off to the top floor, overlooking the City of London, for a training session organised by Ketchum’s digital team. One of the advantages of being affiliated with a global company is that there are great opportunities for training from people with different backgrounds and experience, in-house.


In the afternoon, the team settle down to work on their projects: for example, I am redrafting the content of a training resource for a new HIV drug. Having worked as an Associate Medical Writer at Inspired Science for just over four months, I have already worked on a diverse range of projects across multiple accounts, which has allowed me to learn a huge amount of fascinating stuff in this short space of time. Working in the industry has been an exciting way to use my skills to improve patient care in some small way — which is a heartening thought when the end of the day rolls around and everyone packs up to go home for the evening.