Aspiring photographers (part 3)

Rick Flemming of Aspire Scientific, a medical writing agency, has just sent in their photos for this year’s MedComms Day (following parts 1 and 2 over the past two years):

The Aspire Scientific team have been busy with a variety of projects today.

Medical writer Jo Chapman is lucky enough to be able to work from home. She lives in Cowden, a small village in the Weald of Kent which boasts a church and a pub! Today, after a trudge through the long wet grass fields with the dog, Jo has made some final tweaks to a systematic review and then moved onto developing a manuscript outline on a completely different subject! What will be next?


Mark O’Connor—one of our Scientific Directors—took advantage of the wonderful weather to enjoy the peaceful countryside around the Aspire office at Adelphi Mill in Bollington, Cheshire. Today, Mark and some of the team are working on projects at all stages of the publication process from author kick-off meetings, through manuscript drafts to journal submissions.


Our company secretary, Jane Woodrow, has been busy in our Bollington office finalising the itineraries and travel arrangements for two members of the Aspire team who will be attending the ESHRE meeting in Lisbon, Portugal this weekend. The onsite team in Lisbon will be attending sessions in order to produce educational slide kits, which will be shared with clinicians in Asia and the Middle East.


After a morning spent finishing off a slide deck to accompany a webcast, medical writer Philippa Flemming made the most of the beautiful weather and went for a run with the dog in the lush Oxfordshire countryside. This is the view from her desk this afternoon.



After a busy morning developing some slides relating to diabetes, and briefing a colleague on a manuscript on hepatitis C, Scientific Director Ryan Woodrow found a little bit of time to add a new post to ThePublicationPlan. This is a free central online news resource run by Aspire Scientific for professionals involved in the development of medical publications.


This morning, another of our Scientific Directors, Rick Flemming, finished reviewing a technical paper on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a targeted cancer drug. This afternoon he’s finalising an educational slide set on the pathology of diabetes. As you can see, Rick has been too busy to tidy his desk today.