Hello from inVentiv Health Communications!

Matt McGinley, EU Talent Manager at inVentiv Health Communications reflects on the morning so far in London

It’s a typically busy day at inVentiv, with lots of activity across the office and visitors from our offices in New York acclimatising to the London weather. As you may know, inVentiv incorporates agencies such as Litmus MME and Chandler Chicco, alongside a creative studio, a digital team and lots more. As such the office on Shaftesbury Avenue is a buzzing hub of activity with a real variety of different projects going through the agency. Throughout the day we will be highlighting the work of some of the people within the med comms side of the business. I’m hoping to collar our President of MedComms who is over from the US, but in the meantime there’s a whole host of talent people here who are keen to talk about the great work they are doing.

The creative studio at work. Check out all the Macs!