Interim work

This in from Freelance Medical Writer, Jane Tricker.

I have always combined freelancing with occasional interim work, and I am currently working under contract with an academic research institute based in London, UK. Although I’ve been working from home today, I am usually based in the office – I have to say that the commuting has been a bit of shock to the system!

Most of the interim work that I have done has been to cover maternity leave. In this case, however, the need for an additional writer was driven by a huge upturn in the volume of publications required to disseminate data accumulated from a huge global registry that the institute is running.

Today, my two colleagues and I have been revising slide decks for the ISTH meeting at the end of June, liaising with our colleagues in the stats department to draw down the data that steering committee members need for the manuscripts that they are authoring, drafting and revising manuscript outlines based on the plethora of meetings and TCs that we had last week, and reviewing PR materials that will be used to promote the institute’s presence at ESC in August.

It’s been interesting to work in an academic environment and to be working amongst a completely different set of workmates (in addition to the statisticians and SAS programmers working in my office, there are clinical trial associates and data managers working in the office next door). I’m learning a lot – and for me that’s the beauty and the benefit of interim work.

Photo: Items a freelancer wouldn’t normally carry