More cold coffee!

Marian East, Director at MedSense, a medical education company, is the last to leave her office tonight…

Well another work day nearly over and my coffee is cold having been diverted to finalising last minutes changes to a pitch.

The day began at 7.30 as usual with a coffee and a check of the e-alerts and latest gossip about our clients from a variety of websites.

TCs in the morning to improve and redesign a website, followed by another TC to brief a writer on a new therapy area. Then a team meeting to discuss roles and responsibilities on developing a pitch from a potential new client – lots of brainstorming using de Bono’s 6 thinking hats. Listening to the major road works outside the office whilst watching red kites swoop overhead, lunch was at the desk. Afternoon spent time checking out lunch catering options for an Ad Board in Boston – not sure KOLs want the ‘Make you own’ option. Rooms booked for Berlin meeting in June. Another TC. Another meeting on ongoing projects. Late emails sent to European clients before they go home. Now just need to write a few reminder notes and tomorrow another day. Night everyone!