The Twitter experience in 2015

Just to add a few quick words here about what happened on Twitter this year on #MedComms Day.

“Quite a lot!”

The TweetReach report for #MedComms over the last few days (essentially nothing much happens other than on #MedComms Day) shows 171 contributors, 671 tweets, reaching 80,956 accounts and clocking up 369,350 impressions, which sounds like quite a lot for small specialist business community. What exactly it means in practice is another question. I’ll leave you all to ponder that one. Many thanks anyway to all the “Tweeps” who did join in.


Looking back:

In 2012 when we started, Twitter wasn’t mentioned

In 2013 we had what I referred to at the time as “a small but steady stream of tweets” and I listed 30 of us [Download the 2013 Tweet Stream]

Last year we saw a significant jump in activity [Download the 2014 Tweet Stream]

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 09.17.40