Flying high

heathrow1Jackie Marchington of Caudex is off crossing timelines today so hopefully we’ll get an update later, once she’s “stateside”. Travel safe, Jackie.

Morning all. Just caught up with overnight email from the BA lounge in T3. Nothing too drastic, but have had some additional “plane homework” to keep me occupied between here and Dallas. I have the unusual pleasure of flying business class today – courtesy of a late decision for me to attend, and BC was the only available option. Therein lies a lesson in planning (though actually, I don’t mind at all).
My plane homework consists of reviewing all the scientific services account assignments and updating the recruitment list; mugging up on the content for the team I’m going onsite to support; looking at some strategy documents to feed up to the next level in McCann Health; and updating my next few sessions for the trainee writers who have just started with us. Should keep me quiet J
Right. I’m about to trot off to the gate (which of course, is as far from the lounge as it’s possible to be) so will check in later. I have a hideously tight connecting flight, so won’t be updating you on that segment of my trip.

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