A real international feel to MedComms Day this year

Simmone Gardiner at Synergy Vision writes in to say…

It has been a fun and eventful MedComms Day at Synergy Vision, which has a real international feel this year.  Corinne in our Sydney office kicked off the day well ahead of the rest of us,  although Caroline who is in Singapore for a client meeting wasn’t too far behind.   And then it was over to  Katie and Jessica in Copenhagen and Jill and Nick in Paris before the day got going for the team at our London headquarters and Sorcha in our Dublin  office.

The accounts team have been busy getting everything organised for a big symposium being held at the weekend.  Luckily they had two additional ‘helpers’ today, the Synergy dogs Deepher and Dylan.  Unfortunately they kept forgetting that they are here to work (reception duties mainly)  and tried to distract everyone with ball games and barking.  Fortunately for them, their owner Ffyona was out meeting clients in London.

We have our quarterly team day coming up next week so the team are pulling that together to make sure it is as informative and fun as always.  After the formal part of the day, Caz has organised for us to volunteer at a local charity producing home grown food for those in need.  Gardening gloves at the ready!

All the hard work is being rewarded at the end of the day with our monthly film night.  Tonight we will be settling down to watch the 80s classic Ghostbusters (we’ll  tweet some pictures).

Thanks for arranging a great social media day Peter, we can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


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